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Fatigue Management Consulting

Fatigue: Public Enemy #1

Fatigue is a constant threat in modern 24/7 operational environments. The Alertness Solutions scientific team possesses the knowledge and experience to help organizations combat fatigue, and optimize safety and efficiency in any industry.

Most clients recognize fatigue as a significant safety issue within their operation but are unclear on the best approach to address the matter. Clients are prompted by many factors to seek assistance with fatigue management. Regulatory pressure, an operational incident or accident within an industry that highlights the risks of fatigue and increases awareness, and individual differences within a workforce in high performance jobs often provide impetus for managers to take on or enhance fatigue management efforts.


How can Alertness Solutions help?

Alertness Solutions’ experts take time to understand the unique aspects of a client’s operation and craft an approach with a menu of options that emphasize flexibility and utility. The most effective solutions are those that address both individual and organizational needs. These two areas of effort usually begin with a foundation of educational activities focused on individuals – personnel and management – providing knowledge and information about the mechanisms of sleep and fatigue, circadian rhythms, and their effect on alertness and performance. This is complemented with training highlighting mitigation and countermeasure strategies that enhance sleep, better promote alertness, and highlight factors that are relevant to the fatigue challenges within their operation. Armed with information and tools, individuals are empowered to take action in anticipating, recognizing, and managing fatigue.


Addressing Organizational Factors

The second area of focus is the evaluation of organizational fatigue factors and development of policies and practices for effectively managing the risks. Alertness Solutions can design focused training to address specific fatigue challenges and recommend approaches that may include reporting processes and forms, guidelines for duty and rest times, and occupational health policies that address sleep disorders and other related concerns.

These efforts are often best implemented through a coordinated and comprehensive programmatic approach such as a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS). The elements of an FRMS include:
  1. Fatigue education and training
  2. Policies and practices
  3. Monitoring systems to manage fatigue (fatigue reports, incident reports, objective data collection focused on challenging schedule)
  4. Feedback loop for continuous improvement of fatigue mitigation

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